Periodontal Disease – Know What Causes It And How To Deal With It

Periodontal diseases do not only affect your gums, but they can also affect your bones. Research has shown that a buildup of plaque between the teeth can contribute to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. As a result, it is important to have regular check-ups with a dentist and/periodontist regularly.

Although gum disease may not cause major problems on its own, there are still some risks that may arise.

The Origins Of Foul Breath


We have actually all experienced that late night hanging with buddies with increasingly halitosis as the tortilla chips and tequila shots pile up and the night carries on. We are all too knowledgeable about that sour aftertaste after consuming a delightful bowl of Frosted Flakes. Why does our breath appear to so deeply like being the party pooper?

What Are The Advantages Of Dental Implants?

If missing teeth is your primary concern, then dental implants can help you. This article will provide information about the specific advantages that you can enjoy from getting a dental implant.

1. Makes You Feel and Look Better: Since dental implants help preserve bone, and prevent your facial structure from deteriorating, you can expect them to help enhance the way you look.

What Is Moderate Dental Sedation?

Most people are unaware that there are different levels of dental sedation that can potentially have a big impact on their dental procedures. It is important to be aware of these to ensure that you are using the right level of dental sedation that is appropriate for the dental treatment that you need.

One common level of dental sedation is the moderate level, which is popularly described as "conscious sedation." This is because although patients are given special drugs to relieve pain related to the procedure, it is not strong enough to cause them to become unconscious.

What Types Of Crowns Are Available?

Metal crowns are They hardly fracture or fragment. They can stand the rigors of high-pressure chewing and biting, thus, making them good options for molars. Metal crowns are easy to make. A dentist does not have to remove too much tooth structure to accommodate a metal crown. Moreover, a metal crown does not cause too much wear-and-tear to the opposing teeth.